Our website is in its infancy stage. If you can help in any way, it would greatly be appreciated.

We need volunteers for the following:

1. Content Organizer (pictures/text)

  • Gather information from FB about Scholarship
  • Gather information from FB about Membership Card
  • Gather list of alumni who passed away (In Memoriam)
  • Gather list of Career Openings (alumni business or referral) for alumni to apply
  • Gather list of related links to alumni (ex FB huaming funrun page, FB of School, FB of Membership Card)
  • Gather list of downloads that we could share with the community or restriced to alumni
  • Gather content for Giving Back / Get Involved Page
  • Gather list of scholars and their short stories to give inspiration to alumni for their scholarship fund.
  • Gather list of upcoming alumni events to post

2. Content Writer

  • Write news / articles catered to alumni
  • Write stories about successful or known alumni

3. Graphics Artist (enhance / fix pictures as necessary)

4. WordPress Developer (upload content/pictures to website)

Please email to info@sjialumniassociation.org if you want to get involved.