Why do you need my email?

A valid email is required in order for you to be able to activate your membership to the alumni community. This will also be a way to communicate with you.

Why do you need my phone, profession and location when I register?

This is not mandatory but highly encouraged. Having this information would give SJI alumni a way to connect with one another either on a personal level or in business undertakings knowing that each one has a common shared experience studying in the same school. 

Can I put my business phone number?

Yes! If you don’t want to share your personal phone number, you can put a business phone number.

Can anyone become a member?

No, only alumni of St. John’s Institute are accepted to have membership in this website. We verify your name, section and batch from an Approved Alumni List. We may also verify your eligibility from your batchmates.

What do I benefit when I become a member?

You will have access to alumni exclusive content such as alumni information and yearbooks.

Can I login with my social account so I don’t need to remember another password?

Yes. If you register the same email that you used for your social account, you will be able to login through that social account once your membership has been approved.

Who will see the information that I shared?

Only registered and approved alumni can see the information you put in your personal profile.